Monday, November 16, 2015

A Heart Full Rant on the Paris ISIS Attacks of Friday November 13th,2015

Based on my own travails racism is a ubiquitous problem because human beings aren't intelligent to enough to always realize the truth in what is unknown or unseen. You might recognize my tendency to side with an Auld Alliance, but don’t mistake that for blind loyalty. I know something of my own family history, it’s entirely American. Now living in a Muslim dominated country hearing their call to prayers (some quite beautiful) I will tell you not all of Islam is ISIS, that's unfair. 

While I realize it is tempting to generalize broadly it is socially incorrect. We should however expect countries harboring violent extremists to self-correct, and if they don't then you might take comfort in the notion that the good ol' US of A is likely to lend its own hand…eventually (despite itself and severely inept and corrupt governments to which all of humanity is made liable). Although, sometimes I feel like government acting is the tail wagging the dog, and the dog (the people) don’t get out enough… 

In the meantime, if you are feeling righteous please try to make a distinction between psychopathic criminals claiming to be religious representatives (like the representatives of ISIS) and those who would just as soon capitalize personally on the virtues of your fears and your religious sentiments (like some Presidential Candidates might). 

Remember you aren’t getting paid for that Facebook endorsement or that emotionally or politically laden Tweet, or if you are, then you are just doing your job as usual, and that’s OK. Ha!!! Even if you are advocating for your occupational endeavors you should be mindful that extortion of religious virtue (or virtues of any kind) is nothing new and you should know better than to allow events of late cause you to be openly racist or self-righteous (even after such atrocities are made against innocent people, given your local dispositions and sense of morality which is steeped in cultural imperatives that tell that this sort of uncivil reaction is “OK”, and that anything remotely correlated to the atrocities is not OK, when none of it was!), especially when we were all at one time or another migrants ourselves, unless you never ventured from your “rightful” place of birth, which is by default still known as the planet Earth.

Meanwhile you may be predisposed to speaking with perfect knowledge regarding your own personal (and fickle) feelings, but please just keep your mouth shut if you are going to point fingers at wide swaths of humanity which you’ve never encountered firsthand

The media doesn't really help us to stay rational in this regard, I know. But, you can’t rely on media to tell you the truth, you just have to experience reality for yourself, expand your vocabulary, permit some deviations into deeper thoughts to help augment your typically impulsive responses, and be willing to improve yourself and what is around you. Doing that takes self-discipline, while I myself am clearly lacking in that regard with my propensity to be pedantically and didactically long winded. 

So, to wrap up this rant I would suppose only that time will tell the ultimate fate of our shared humanity as we remain locked up behind false notions of selfness since we are so attached to nationhood and our relative proximity to one another, despite the technology to do otherwise, and the profound ability to expand our own consciousness. 

While any truth is sure to be in the endgame, there may be no winners, as in a draw, and ultimately God may not care which side of humanity you think you were on because we were all on the inside looking up at the same God (or Gods), as the case may be, depending on what it is you actually believe. 

By the way, anyone who advocates ISIS, or anything like it, is not included in my definition of “humanity”. And if any one of you claims to know God’s/the Gods’ thoughts on these subjects please kindly invite him/her/them down to join the tea party and/or let us know his/her/their thoughts, so they can be a guiding light to the rest of us. The overwhelmed majority of us would probably love to hear from him (or her, or them).